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About "Open Engineering"

This web site has three main themes:

1) Energy without the Mess

This part of the site is aimed at providing a summary of energy issues that I can share with friends in the Spanish speaking world (there are English & Spanish versions of each page). It also includes some possible practical activities aimed at energy analysis and energy saving that can be carried out by students with very little equipment.

2) Open Engineering

The title of the site is inspired by the open source software movement which has succeeded in producing complex software by the voluntary effort of many collaborators. I have seen that in third world countries, engineers in universities and elsewhere sometimes have no budget to pay for travel to conferences, subscribe to journals or even make international phone calls. However they often have access to the Internet. Perhaps it will be possible to collaborate using the Internet to produce and share solutions to some of the problems that face us.

3) Nuclear Power

I am old enough to remember the fear when the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded in 1986, radioactive clouds were passing over western Europe and no-one knew whether the brave Soviet citizens who were sacrificing their lives to put out the fire would succeed or whether an even worse disaster would occur. In 2007 I participated in the UK government's consultation on nuclear power: this involved wading through hundreds of pages putting a biased pro-nuclear case. Examples of this bias are:

The material I accumulated in replying to the consultation was the start of this website.


I have worked for over 30 years as an engineer or engineering manager, mostly in private industry in the UK but also for 5 years in the National Engineering University of Nicaragua where I was awarded an honorary diploma (Profesor Honorario). I don't earn my living in the energy field and aim to justify the arguments made on this website with publicly available figures, statistics and references, that anyone can check.


There is a blog - very occasionally updated - here: Blog.

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Economics Notes

Some notes on the workings of the economy: